In the News

In the News

My recent publication with PhD student, Zhanna Izekenova, has been highlighted in the Nature Public Health Emergency Collection.

Our research using a gender audit to examine imagery of scientists has been emphasized in Modern Ghana news

Global Education Times (May 2020)

Global Education Times (GET) discusses my work in developing the Higher Ed Learning Collective, the next steps for the Collective, and the connection to Kazakhstan.

London Business School Professor Share Leadership Lessons (2020)

 In their weekly roundup in moving entirely online, they highlight my recommendations for online learning, “Dr Anna CohenMiller, from Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan, shares four ways professors are mastering online teaching.”

Resources of support during times of corona virus (2020)

Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS) compiled a set of resources for support during the corona virus, including my post about Jumping into Online Teaching and the Higher Ed Learning Collective

Tips for Teaching Online (2020)

Dr. Kathy Roulston, Professor of Qualitative Research at the University of Georgia, posted on QualPage, Tips for teaching online. In the post, she highlights my work for How to Jump into Online Teaching, the living Google doc I developed for Online Learning for our University and beyond, and the Higher Ed Learning Collective

Higher Ed Learning Collective (2020, March)

Dr. CohenMiller is one of the founding members and advisory board member for the Higher Ed Learning Collective. It started at the beginning of the crisis with the corona virus and the need for educators to move online to teach and learn. The resultant set of resources and community engagement are promoting opportunities for collective support and ideas for the future of higher education. Currently at over 26,000 members across more than 100 countries.

Learning from popular culture’s changing ideals of normativity (2020, Feb)

The post announces the work of Editor in Chief, Dr. CohenMiller and editorial team for the latest issue 7.1 of Dialogue: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Popular Culture and Pedagogy

EXPOsing gender in science: a visual analysis with lessons for gender awareness and science diplomacy (2020, Feb)

Announcing the cross-disciplinary study examining gender representation in photographs as showcased at the Astana world expo.