Hi all! Here’s a formal introduction that provides a bit of an overview of my work. Feel free to reach out to discuss ideas and potential collaborations ✨

Anna S. CohenMiller, PhD, is an internationally recognized qualitative social justice methodologist with grant funding of over $1.3 million USD. She is an award-winning educational leader focused on equity and inclusion in higher education in Central Asia and internationally. Specializing in arts-based methods to amplify the voice of historically marginalized communities, Dr. CohenMiller is successful at managing international, interdisciplinary teams, with an emphasis on compassion and transformational learning to build educational and research capacity in Kazakhstan and internationally. Her work has guided over 40 students through supervision of Master’s and Doctoral theses, includes leadership in curriculum design and implementation from early childhood education through graduate level, as well as spearheading cutting-edge scholarship and international networks connecting diverse sets of students, schools, research, and communities.

Focusing on solving issues of gender equity in education and the workplace, Dr. CohenMiller has expertise in innovating teaching to facilitate learning across the educational spectrum. Currently, Dr. CohenMiller is an Associate Professor — a founding cohort of faculty — at the Graduate School of Education at Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan, Central Asia, and is the Co-Founding Director of The Consortium of Gender Scholars.

Dr. CohenMiller is committed to developing international networks to build collaboration to bring awareness and solve complex social problems. As such, she has developed interdisciplinary, international initiatives such as The Motherscholar Project (Founding Director), Photovoice: Motherscholars during quarantine, The Consortium of Gender Scholars (Co-Founding Director), Dialogue: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Popular Culture and Pedagogy (Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief), and writing research methods textbooks to empower early career researchers to conduct socially just research.

As a frequent keynote speaker and workshop leader locally and internationally, Dr. CohenMiller seeks to encourage researchers and practitioners to ways to incorporate equity, inclusion and justice into their work. Recently she has created multiple videos for SAGE Research Methods Qualitative and Mixed Methods collections and has been working with Routledge over the last few years. Her recent textbook is Questions in Qualitative Social Justice Research in Multicultural Contexts (with Nettie Boivin) and a forthcoming textbook unpacks and provides insights for researchers about life-changing moments in qualitative social justice research through the lenses of transformative learning, vulnerability and critical self-reflection.

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